Men Spreading Legs

Hot men spreading their legs, only to reveal their throbbing cocks

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Wanted to share with you guys my man 152’s cock tribute he just made for me! He’s from the UK, 31 and bisexual like me, and a hell of a guy.

He has a great cock and instantly agreed to do a tribute pic for me. So lovely! I LOVE seeing his long cock rubbing against my ass.

He also made some more tribute pix for me, including a different view of my ass and balls, and also one using my girlfriend’s hairy pussy. THIS IS SO FREAKING HOT TO SEE for me, you wouldn’t ‘t believe!!!

I got so hot that I did a tribute-tribute picture of my own cock tributing his tribute of my ass pic ;-) A little strange pershaps? But HOT! Thanks 152 - you’re my man!!!

hey gusy, just wanted to share some new tribute pix showing me spreading my legs, and a nice cock on top of it :-)

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